Information regarding the Frauenhaus Dinslaken

The women’s refuge in Dinslaken is a refuge and shelter for women (with their children). The
address is not revealed on safety grounds.

Women who experience physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse at home find safety at the refuge
and the necessary support that they need for starting a life without abuse. You can come to us with
or without children.

You can reach us day and night on 02064 – 1 36 46

If possible, please bring the following items for yourself (and the children):
- Passport, residence permit, identification documents
- Health insurance cards
- Birth certificate, marriage certificate…
- Vital medication
- School items, health record booklets, certificates…
- Children’s favourite toys
- Clothes
- Things that are important to you

If you cannot bring any of these items, just come!!! Your safety and that of your children is what is important!!!

Frauenhaus Dinslaken is not a home. Just as in your old home, you will be responsible for yourself
(and your children) here as well. You (and your children) will have your own room and you will share
the kitchen and the living room with the others…

Information on places available in women’s refuges in North-Rhine Westphalia can be found on
Further information in your native language can be obtained
free of charge by calling 08000 116 016.